PC Services & Repairs

We do not have a storefront or office location. We do not fix cell phone screens. We will travel to you. If the repair can be made on location then we will fix it there. If not we will take the item in for repair and return it back to you. There is a traveling fee if we have to travel more than 20 miles to your location. We are located in Williamstown, N.J. 08094
Fee varies based on distance/tolls/parking. Minimum $20.00

Virus, Malware, Ad-ware & Spyware Removal – $75.00 / PC / HOUR

We will utilize our state of the art anti-virus and anti-malware tools to diagnose and remove all major threats to your computer system. In some instances viruses cause catastrophic damage to the operating system and can not be removed. The operating system must be reinstalled. In these instances refer to “Restore Operating System” charges.

Restore Operating System – Option A – $100.00

Re-install Windows with no additional programs, security or add-ons. Operating system only.

Restore Operating System – Option B – $200.00

Re-install Windows
Includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware protection, Microsoft Office, all Windows updates, install printers and other peripherals, all other essentials required to be sure your computer stays safe and secure. If you have any requests feel free to ask us.

Laptop Broken Screen Replacement – $100.00 plus cost of parts

We will determine what screen you need and fully replace it, making your laptop work like new again. A typical laptop LCD screen starts at about $80.

Data Backup & Restore – $50.00+

Backup personal data and restore it to a new computer, operating system, or external media such as a DVD or USB drive (USB drive not included)

Install PC Devices/Drives/Memory(RAM) – $35.00

$35.00 + cost of parts (if not supplied)

Custom Computer Build – 15% plus cost of parts*

Tell us what you need and we will custom tailor a computer to fit your needs. Whether it be a simple office computer or a high end gaming machine we can build it all.

Includes assembly of parts and option B of “Operating System Restore”

*does not include shipping cost, if required

Hourly rates – $75.00 / HOUR

Includes any additional services not listed.

Computer Monthly Service – $450.00 per month

This is a monthly service where we will come to your location for a maximum of 10 hours per month. This includes:

  • Any updates to Windows
  • Update and scans on all virus/spyware protection
  • Cleaning out any old and unused software/files
  • Hardware upgrades or repairs
  • Virus removal
  • Operating system repairs
  • Network upgrades
  • Printer setup